Fall Equinox: Raw detox challenge group


Fall Equinox: Raw detox challenge group

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Challenge runs from September 27th-October 3rd

You can choose to drink raw juices for the entire week or combine raw juices with raw meals. You can join us for a few days or participate in the week long challenge.

(ex: eat a raw meals Day 1, consume solely cold pressed juices days 2-4, eat a combination of raw meals and cold pressed juices days 5-7).

(ex: drink cold pressed juices days 1-7)

(ex: eat raw meals Day 1, consume cold pressed juices days 2-6, eat raw meals Day 7)

(ex: eat raw meals days 1-7)

Raw foods deliver large amounts of highly absorbable vitamins and minerals directly to your cells. The high water content in live fruits and vegetables optimizes cellular hydration in our cells and enhances kidney function, as well as cleanses the lymphatic system. 

During the raw detox you will be encouraged to:

Set intentions

Daily affirmations

Mindfulness activities

Engage in yoga or other physical activities that allow you to develop a deeper sense of connection with your mind, and body.

You will be provided with nutrition education all while having the support of the accountability group members.


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